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ilConvento organises a range of courses in this beautiful setting:

Italian food and culture
Learn to make delicious pizza, home-made pasta dishes, and more. Join us in harvesting saffron, or visit the town of Norcia, famed for its sausages.

Wine course
Visit Umbria’s vineyards and get to know the local wines. Guided tours and wine-tasting.

Olio extra vergine d’oliva
This course deals with the taste, colour, smell, and nutritional value of olive oil, and about cooking with olive oil. Umbria has some of the best olive oil in Italy.

Truffle hunt
We go on a truffle hunt with dogs in the verdant hills surrounding the monastery, finding truffles that we can then use in cooking.

Mountain walks
Join us on a mountain walk through a stunning landscape offering fantastic views of the Apennines, one of Italy’s most magnificent mountain chains.

Art tours on the subjects of the art of the Etruscans, the Romans, the early Christian period, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The local area around the monastery offers many examples of exquisite artworks and historic remains from all periods.

On our Chocolate-making course, guests learn to both make and taste irresistible chocolate temptations.

Other courses: Italian language and culture, Naturalistic drawing, Photography without a camera, Batik, Quiltmaking, In the footsteps of monks – a visit to the monastery and The life of St. Francis of Assisi.

All the courses are held at the monastery, with the exception of the chocolate-making course, which is held in a chocolate factory, and the art course, which features a brief introduction at the monastery before we depart on our daily excursions.

Each course normally lasts five days and offers five hours’ teaching per day, while the chocolate-making course covers two days.

Our teachers
All our teachers are highly qualified, and many teach or are engaged in research at Italian universities. Well-known chefs and practising artists teach our cookery and art courses. All courses are offered in Norwegian, English or Italian. Interpreters can be provided if desired.

A holiday of inspiration
The idea is that course participants should find stimulation in a relaxing environment. “A holiday of inspiration” is how Norwegian radio presenter Brita Blomquist described her stay with us.

Calendar 2020

Tema Kursholder Periode Infoadresse
”Livsfortellinger” Merete Morken Andersen 16-23/4
Senioryoga Jon Otterbeck 23-30/4
”Pust ut”, pusteteknikk Anette Aarsland 11-18/5
Lukket gruppe 18-28/5
Yogaferie/livsglede Christin Schultz/Åse Lerø 28/5-4/6
Male/meditasjon Annfrid Leikvoll 4-11/6
Yoga/tilstedevarelse Monica Gulbrandsen 11-18/6
”Pust ut”/ pusteteknikk Anette Aarsland 18-25/6
Qigong/energibalansering Jette Lanng Pedersen 25/6-2/7
Yogaferie1. Gunnar Gjermundsen 2-9/7
Akvarell Morten W. Gjul /Trude Berg 30/7-6/8
Yogaferie2. Gunnar Gjermundsen 6-13/8
”Tekstutvikling” Merete Morken Andersen 13-20/8
”Å ta steget ut/Finn Mesteren i deg” Morten Eriksen 20-27/8
Yoga/tilstedeværelse Monica Gulbrandsen 27/8-3/9
Male Lena Andersen 3-10/9
Lukke gruppe ——————– 10-17/9 ————————
Yoga Anette Røsanhaug 17-24/9  www.fjoranereisebyrå.no
Høstferieyoga+3 dagers fjellvandring Jon Otterbeck 24/9-1/10
Male/meditasjon Annfrid Leikvoll 1-8/10
Senioryoga Jon Otterbeck 8-15/10
”Pust ut”, pusteteknikk Anette Aarsland 15-22/10